What is NomNom Kawaii?

NomNom Kawaii originated to celebrate my two cherub dogs – Maria and Chloe (Yellow and Chocolate labradors).

In the NomNom Kawaii world, their names are Caramel and Cocoa, respectively. I’ve also given them friends – Puddin’ the Bunny, Brownie the Bear, Mochi the Cat, and Maple the Frog.

NomNom Kawaii is the perfect blend of kawaii animals and food – hence the name. It’s always been my dream to start my stationery shop – I’ve been drawing for years and finally bit the bullet in late 2023 to bring you these cute stickers and other stationery.

You can read the whole story of my Branding and Concept here. 

I hope you cherish the NomNom Kawaii world as much as I did building it. You can keep up with NomNom Kawaii comics and updates on our official Instagram and Pinterest.

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mochi spinning


Mochi is a cool and confident cat. He loves the fact that every day is a holiday. He secretly admires Caramel – stay tuned to find out what happens.

Puddin' - Pink Bunny spinning nomnom kawaii


Puddin’ is a happy, innocent bunny. She loves Brownie with all her heart. When she’s not watering her plants or drawing, she’s bugging Brownie.

Oreo spinning nomnom kawaii


Brownie is a quiet, shy brown bear. Puddin’ stole his heart a long time ago, and he will protect Puddin’ at all costs. He loves driving and taking naps with Puddin’.

Caramel - yellow labrador spinning nomnom kawaii


Caramel is an independent but witty yellow labrador. She is always tired, so you’ll find her napping a lot. She loves to be pampered. She was an only child till Cocoa came along.

Maple - green frog spinning nomnom kawaii


Maple is a practical green frog. She is career-minded and adores her single life. When she’s not working, she loves to bake for her friends. Maple is quite kind and generous.

Cocoa - Chocolate Labrador Spinning nomnom kawaii


Cocoa is an energetic, enthusiastic chocolate labrador. She will share her love with everyone – including strangers. She is most content when she’s in Caramel’s presence – she adores her older sister very much so!